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MONSTER feature film to begin shooting January 2018

The feature film of Monster, the book co written with extreme horror author, Matt Shaw, is to begin shooting this January!

Pre production has gone really well and we have a stellar cast of talent attached to the project.

MONSTER - a haunting tale looking into the age old argument of “nature vs. nurture” - is a new horror film fromPurgatory Pictures. With casting by Andrew Lynford CSA (Eastenders), the film stars Rod Glenn (The Hippopotamus, American Assassin), Tracy Shaw (Coronation Street), Laura Ellen Wilson (The Singing Bird Will Come) and Tony Cook (Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Cain Hill) with Clair Buckley (The Comedian’s Guide to Survival) and Danielle Harold (Eastenders). Filming commences in the UK, January 2018.

The film - successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter within the first 24 hours - is the feature length directorial debut by horror author Matt Shaw (Sick B*stards), who penned the original book along with co-author Michael Bray(Whisper). With the pair of them teaming up once again to adapt the best-selling story, MONSTER promises to be a horror film for the real fans of the genre and to ensure the script was as tight as possible, they even roped in horror mastermind Shaun Hutson (Slugs) to act as a script consultant!

MONSTER tells the harrowing tale of Richard, Mary and Andrew - a family of three. On the outside, Mary and Richard appear normal and their son, a deformed hulk of a 7 foot monster rarely seen. Look closer though and see the true monsters as controlling Richard bullies his family into living the life he wants.


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