There is something in the dark. Billy can hear it, and knows it's coming for him.


Following a power outage, Billy sends his wife and son to stay with family whilst he awaits the arrival of the man from Trans- Energy to come and restore power to their isolated country home. Darkness draws near, and with it comes the engineer– a giant of a man who calls himself ‘Grant’. 
Billy lets the man into his home, only to find that he is anything but normal. Without power or contact with the outside world, Billy is forced to deal with the extreme mental and physical torture from the increasingly unstable and volatile engineer, and is forced to go to the most extreme lengths in order to try and survive. 

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The Whisper series continues in this series of standalone stories.

tells the story of Hope House in the spring of 1962. Frederick and Joan Mirfield have purchased the house in order to enjoy the peace of retirement in solitude. When Frederick encounters a delirious and wounded man when walking in the woods, he helps him back to Hope House and the couple nurse him back to health. 
They soon realise, however, that there is more to the man than meets the eye, and as the evil embedded in the walls of the property begins to stir and exert its influence, it will take control of all three lives with devastating and brutal results. 

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A prequel to the bestselling whisper series, the possession tells a standalone story of Hope House and the evil that resides within it.
When a troubled family move into Hope House, the evil entity within latches on to their twelve-year-old daughter.
With no explanation for the sudden violent mood swings and bizarre behaviour, her sceptical parents start to come to terms with the fact that there may be no rational explanation for the events occurring around them, and that all of their lives are in very grave danger. 
As the darkness in the house takes a firmer grip, The family realise that they may have to make an incredible sacrifice which no parent should make in order to escape with their lives and survive the malevolent even that resides within the house.