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When the deal of a lifetime is on the table, how much would you be willing to pay for everything you ever wanted? 
Melvyn Briggs is a con man, a rip off artist who preys on the rich elderly in order to fleece them of their life savings. When his one big job goes wrong and Melvyn ends up on the run from a violent gangland boss, he finds himself in a coastal town hiding out and trying to figure out his next move. It is here that he stumbles on a pawn shop called Just the Ticket. 
The store owner an old man named Muggles says he can help Melvyn get rid of all his problems if he is willing to pay the price. 

As Melvyn falls into a deeper web of lies and deceit, he begins to learn that the town and Muggles share a horrifying secret and that if Melvyn wants to survive he will have to negotiate the deal of his life, on that will potentially have a cost far beyond any he could have ever imagined.

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Monsters are real. 

Those beasts of legend, the creatures spoke of in stories designed to frighten children, exist in the real world. Now, one has been released from its prison deep within the bowels of the earth, and only one man can stop it. 

He is known as the monster hunter, a man who knows no limits, who, along with his trusty dog, Magnum, has a long and sordid history of violence and crime, and is currently serving a life sentence in prison where he awaits execution for crimes he claims he didn’t commit. 

With nobody else capable of defeating the creature, the monster hunter is offered a once in a lifetime deal which will see him go free if he can defeat the beast and make the world safe again. The monster hunter will soon learn, however, that the world he remembered is no longer the same, and the deal he has been offered isn’t quite as it seems, and the monster he has been tasked to destroy is not the only threat.

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The Monster Hunter is back!

After barely escaping with his life from a remote village of bloodthirsty cannibals, The Monster Hunter is determined to go back and retrieve an item of great importance that was taken from him. 

When a face from the past betrays and threatens to send him back to the government who are still searching for him, he reluctantly agrees to help with a covert mission to locate a drug baron who has gone missing in the jungle.

As the group embark on what should be a routine mission, events unfold that puts the lives of everyone at risk and forces The Monster Hunter to revert to his uniquely violent methods to ensure those under his supervision survive against a vicious tribe of flesh eating maniacs.


In the distant future, one man roams the earth alone. 
After a failed suicide attempt leaves him broken and on life support, Alec Greenborough prays for death. However, the VIRSOFT corporation have other plans. They fit him with a series of life sustaining implants, systems designed to keep his brain and respiratory systems functional. 

When a lethal viral outbreak wipes out the population of the planet, Alec is left alone, kept alive by his implants and enduring the solitude of a dead world. When he decides he no longer wishes to live and decides to once again end his life, he is stopped when he sees a girl, the first human being he has seen since the world ended. Desperate to find out who she is, Alec gives chase, unsure if she is real or a side effect of his isolation.


When three teenagers decide to explore the local legend of the crazy old man on Samsonite farm and the army of scarecrows he has built, they soon discover that not all urban legends are false, and sometimes the biggest threat comes from within. 

For Dwayne and his friends, a battle against a supernatural creature which uses the samsonite scarecrows to do it's bidding will unfold as trust is broken and truth becomes blurred amid the unbelievable reality of the situation they are in and cannot escape from.


Schofield is about to be taught a valuable lesson.

He is about to 
learn that sometimes, the things that look like the answers only pose more questions. When those around you want what you have, some men will go to any lengths to stop them. Shoebox is a story which follows Schofield on a spiralling journey into paranoia, madness, and insanity. 

Nobody can be trusted, nobody is safe. 

The shoebox belongs to Schofield, and he will do whatever it takes to protect it.


Chrissy is scared of heights. When a newspaper advertisement tells of a revolutionary new treatment to cure any phobia, she makes an appointment, curious to see if someone can help her.

Little does she know that she is about to be subjected to the most horrific and terrifying ordeal imaginable as she is forced to face her fear head on and deal with new horrors far beyond anything she could have ever imagined.


When a gas explosion causes a building to collapse, the nightmare for those trapped in the rubble is only just about to begin. There is something crawling in the dark, something they can hear but not see. Something that is hungry.


Trenton Hughes is a man with a problem. 

The maddening noises from behind the walls of his apartment are getting louder and send Trenton on a horrifying journey of discovery to the source of the sounds. When he finds them, he is forced to come to terms with believing the impossible.


The cabin deep in the woods holds a secret that has the power to rip a family to pieces. When an eleven year old boy stumbles upon it, a tense cat and mouse game begins which reaches closer to home than he ever dared imagine. 


A routine flight becomes a real life nightmare when a strange man boards flight 444.


As the aircraft makes its way into a violent storm, the crew realise that the passenger in seat 6A is more than just a mere man, and must take action to ensure not only their survival, but that of the other passengers before their supernatural passenger can bring the aircraft down with everyone on board. 

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